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Adoor Yeh

阿多 (Adoor Yeh),1989年生於台北,2010成立 SIDE DOOR 工作室,接洽漫畫、分鏡與平面設計等工作,曾與國外雜誌如 Wallpaper*, Wonderland, Interview 等合作當期專題。2011年元智大學藝術設計系畢業,2013年開始漫畫創作,旅居英國期間曾參與里茲Thought Bubble 與倫敦 Comica Comiket 等漫畫藝術節活動。2017年代表台灣漫畫家於法國安古蘭國際漫畫節參展,之後也陸續參與台中國際漫畫展覽會、台北國際書展、台北藝術自由日、日本東京的海外漫畫展與中國北京abC艺术书展「不止漫画」等等。獨立漫畫著作有 Sore Throat, Bus Bomb, Remote Island ep.01-02, Winter...等。數篇短篇刊於熱帶季風、CCC創作集等漫畫雜誌。近年除了獨立出版異於常規的紙本作品外,企圖結合裝置與社會哲學實踐,衍伸出永續的經驗方法。

Adoor Yeh, born in 1989 and based in Taipei, Taiwan. Previously have worked with Wallpaper*, Wonderland, Interview...etc. as a graphic art freelancer. Started to self-publish comics in 2013. Participated in several comic and book festivals such as Festival d'Angoulême in France, Thought Bubble, Comica Comiket in England, Kaigai Manga Festival in Japan, ABC Art Book Fair: NOT LEAST, COMICS! in China, Taipei International Book Exhibition , Free Art Fair and Taichung Comic Arts Festival in Taiwan...etc. Self-published comics include Sore Throat, Bus Bomb, Remote Island ep.01-02, Winter... etc. and some short stories on Monsoon and Creative Comics Collection Magazines.

Adoor Yeh,1989年、台湾台北市出身・漫画家。2013年よりロンドンで、フリーランスの漫画家として活動を開始。様々なコミックイベントを行う。2015年台湾に帰国、数回漫画個展を開催し、2017年『アングレーム国際漫画祭』にて入選し、展示される。


2018 2018 - Mini Zines Vol.2 Group Exhibition | Taipei art book fair & bang bang bang!

2018 Survivor - A Short story in Monsoon Vol.2 the Nonfiction comics magazine

2018 Here Have Never Been Modern - A Short story in Creative Comic Collection Vol.8

2018 On the Ground whole my life - Group Exhibition |Free Art Fair. Taipei

2018 Nikola Tesla - Mini Zines Group Exhibition | Taipei International Book Festival

2017 The Power of Praises - Group Exhibtion | ACGHK Festival, Hong Kong

2017 Taiwan Artist Group Exhibition | 44e Festival de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême, France

2016 Remote Island - Solo Exhibition | Le Zinc, Taipei

2015 The First Time Comsumption - Solo Exhibition | Boven, Taipei / Casa Memorativa Sun Yat Sen, Macau

2013 Self-published Remote Island ep.01, Bus Bomb and Sore Throat | London

2012 Island Portrait - Solo Exhibition | Skyart Gallery, Taipei

2011 Graduating in Art & Design Dept. - First Prize | Yuen-Ze University, Taiwan

2008 The Land Flowing With Milk and Honey - ASIAGRAPH CG Art Winning Work | Miraikan, Tokyo



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